Welcome to the Guymon Police Department

The Guymon Police Department employees approximately 20 sworn Officers, 6 Communications Specialists/ 911 Operators, and 3 Animal Control Officers. The Guymon Police Department serves approximately 14,000 people in the 7.4 square miles of the Guymon City limits. The department is committed to the concept of Community Oriented Policing.

It is a collaboration between police and community, that makes the Guymon Police Department an effective and successful organization. The police no longer are the sole guardians of law and order; all members of the community become active allies in the effort to enhance the safety and quality of our neighborhoods.

Stay Informed and Sign Up for the Emergency Notification System

The Guymon Police and Fire Departments along with Emergency Management are partnering with local phone companies to help sign up residents for the City of Guymon’s free Emergency Notification system.

With the potential for severe weather and fires becoming an almost constant situation this spring in the Oklahoma Panhandle, the city of Guymon is reaching out to local phone companies to help get the word out about the system and help sign people up for the service. The free service of the city of Guymon sends emails and texts to cell phones when emergencies occur such as large fires, dangerous weather, missing persons and other such situations.

“We have delivered sign up forms to all the local cell phone companies and they have been kind enough to agree to help us out by asking their customers when they come in the stores if they would like to sign up on the spot,” commented Chief of Police Eddie Adamson. “Once they sign up we will pick the forms up and get them into the system so they can receive emergency messages when things happen.”

The forms can be picked up and filled out at the Verizon store on Main Street, Epic Touch’s new store in the Northridge Mall, and PTCI’s north office on Hwy 64 in Guymon. You can also sign up on the police department’s website here.

Attention Business Owners and Managers

The Guymon Police Department is reaching out to you to help us better serve you in a time of need.

Unfortunately during non business hours, the Guymon Police Department may encounter a situation where we need to contact a representative of your business. Contact would be made by us to secure the business if it is found unsecured, to assist in filing a complaint if information is needed, or to advise the owner or representative of damage to the building caused by an accident or criminal act. For us to do that we have to make sure the information we have is accurate.

We are in the process of updating and verifying the contacts we have for local businesses in our database here at the Police Department. Your help would be greatly appreciated in helping us spread the word among fellow business owners and managers.

You may fill out the GUYMON BUSINESS CONTACT INFORMATION SHEET and scan it and email it back to the Guymon Police Department at police@guymonok.org or fax it to 580-338-8904. You may also simply call and an officer will drop by and pick it up once you have it completed.

We are also including a signup sheet for our Community Notification System that will allow us to contact you in the event of an emergency in our area. This would include: weather emergencies, accidents that significantly impair travel, roadways shut down for maintenance, school closings, as well as other events in the area. Signing up for this service is strictly voluntaryu> and the only charge to you would be normal text fees your cell phone provider charges.

And finally we are also attaching a new 911 Address Questionnaire that will allow you to provide us with information that would be needed by Police, Fire, or EMS that respond to your business OR your home. Please fill one out for any location where you or your company has property and get the information back to us so we can enter it into the newly updated 911 System. You can also distribute it to any employees who live in Guymon or Texas County and have them fill the form out and get it back to us. (If the address is in Texas County we will get it to Harold Tyson who is taking care of the Texas County portion of the information)

Emergency Operations Plan for Guymon recently updated

Citizens can now download the plan via the web.

Guymon, Oklahoma, October 29, 2010- The City of Guymon’s Emergency Operations Plan was recently updated with new information by Guymon / Texas County Emergency Management Director Harold Tyson. Traditionally the plan was delivered in paper form to officials but is now being distributed to most in electronic format. Citizens interested in viewing the plan can download a copy via a link at the Guymon Police Department Website, HERE. The plan includes information on the location of storm shelters and other information that is pertinent in a variety of emergencies.

Call the SAFE-CALL Helpline if you know of anything that threatens your school's safety

SAFE-CALL is a toll-free confidential hotline for students, parents, teachers, neighbors and anyone concerned about the safety of their local school. You can call whenever you know of any activity threatening your school. The SAFE-CALL number is 1-877-723-3225, ext 651.

Once a call is made to SAFE-CALL, a caller is given a case number, which allows the caller to call back in three school days to learn what has happened as a result of his/her call. Callers are asked for the name of their school, the town where they reside and for specific information about any potential danger. The call is then immediately transcribed and sent to local school officials, who receive prior notification that a SAFE-CALL report is being faxed to them.

If, however, the call is of an emergency nature (threat of bomb, weapons or bodily injury, for instance) then school officials and local law enforcement officials are informed within five minutes by telephone of the potential danger. For more information, visit the Oklahoma State Dept of Education website, and the Safe-Call website, here.