Animal Control

There are (3) animal control officers employed with the City of Guymon Police Department. These Officers are responsible for responding to calls regarding animal ordinance violations and stray animals within the City of Guymon. Lt. Benji Fuentes is the Animal Control Supervisor.

Along with caring for animals at the shelter and all shelter duties, they are responsible for enforcing city ordinances regarding domestic and wild animals, work with animal rescue groups, humane societies and set up pets for adoption.

The Animal Control Department handles all animal complaints within the city.

Animals are always ready to be adopted at the animal shelter. The fee for adoption is $8-$12 depending on the size of the animal, and the animal must be spayed or neutered before adoption can take place. The shelter has a list of prices for each veterinarian in town who can perform the operation for your new pet.

If you need to get in contact with the Animal Control Department, call the Animal Shelter at (580) 338-6461. After hours please call Guymon Police Department: (580) 338-6525 or (580) 338-2636.

Animal cruelty is a criminal offense, and a person can be criminally prosecuted for cruelty to animals. This is an especially relevant issue in the heat of the summer. With each day, temperatures rise, and making the mistake, or choice, of leaving your pet in your vehicle can be fatal. It is by law illegal to treat an animal cruelly.